Standing Rock Protestors may face 10 years jail – OPTION; “THE COURT IS CORRUPT!” #RECUSAL is the only Lawful Route!

After Standing Rock, protesting pipelines can get you a decade in prison and $100K in fines

by Naveena Sadasivam.
May 14, 2019.

Oh dear Americrap?

What are SANE HUMANS going to do with U … S …. AYE-AYE-AYE?


Like …., where do nations stand – comparatively, as well as according to IMPARTIAL INTELLECTUAL ANALYSIS – IN RANKING THEIR OVERALL CULTURES’ SANITY???

Please, pick y’selves up off the floor and STOP LAUGHING?


Stop laughing that is, at AMERICA, because most of the human race KNOWS that on any such MENTAL HEALTH TEST, America would be waaay down …. on …. the …. BOTTOM.

Nevertheless! Despite the most over-consuming nation EVER, in this solar system, dragging all of us, thanks to their fab’ ADVERTISING & MARKETING CARTELS, convincing the christians they NEED MORE SHIT PROD, we must Keep Fighting, as one Righteous American urges of us weekly on #RT’s #RedactedTonight.

Never the oh, already said that …. (?) it is well worth some institute, preferably which leads in mental health analysis, but beneath that, specializes in sane thinking and sane living, so we just disqualified most all western judaic-christian colleges and organizations staffed by such cults’ colleges graduates, it’s worth some Wise, Philosophical Institute creating an


with ongoing surveys and tests to determine the most sane, most balanced social cultures of, generally, each of our planet’s nations.

We could make it an OLYMPIC SPORT!

Or, perhaps on weekends, punters could rally at sports arenas and watch each nation do battle for the best sanity?

But…, what criteria?

Well…, for one…, it cannot be ignored, now it’s out, that

the Primary Determinant of any person’s, corporation’s, nation’s or culture’s sanity, is how close they are to living by the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule being ….;

“All laws are subservient to Environmental Law”. period!

It’s not looking good for …… ANY NATION!

But, at least all nations but the USA will be able to celebrate, because we ALL know already …. that America is secured fast wid-a-conacret-a-BOOTS ON THE BOTTOM!


Aside from that Primary Rule, everyone who knows these sad truths about how low America is in how it’s people treat …. but mistreat …. THE ENVIRONMENT, everyone also neds to, but already do know, that, no matter the cost, for the lawyers and judges in the law industry, and no matter that BEING RIGHTEOUS to the extent of Doing the CORRECT Thaing,

we all have only one move which would, which could, but which SHOULD be actually effective in stopping the ecological destruction of OUR ONLY PLANET.

And, that is








As written …. ‘WE” know something about this fundamental rule of law, and that it is within anyone’s power to announce that “THE COURT IS CORRUPT!”, and that the judges are obliged BY LAW to follow (due?) process, and initiate the CORRECTIONS PROCESSES, so that LAW TRUE is followed, obeyed and administered, Fully, without fear or favor, Impartially, for,


All people, are advised;


Righteous Protestors across the globe act-out against crooked laws constantly to press their points about these same issues, fearless of being slotted in jail for a time, merely for challenging the corruption in law.

Therefore, it should be easy for such Righteous, to MAKE THE CALL; “THE COURT IS CORRUPT!” when next at a protest site, being #TERRORIZED by #POLICE, or in court. NO MATTER THE PRICE!

And, Armed with Right-Minded #Lawyers, should it come to getting slammed for saying such simple facts, the court has NO OPTION, but to release WITHOUT CHARGE the Honorable Protestor Warrior who spoke .. De Troot …. to corruption!

That’s if any of this is actual, real, and not just ‘going-off’ in my #CIA, #ASIO, #MI6, #Mossad black site manipulated bwa-a-a-yn?


…. of the Forests ….

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Time we stopped burning wood to warm our homes. BAN DEFORESTATION for any timber product!

Time all humans put away the cocksaw, I mean, the chainsaw! (allusion to chainsaws being forest ‘firewood’ gatherer’s phallus. Perhaps an extension!!
I throw that crudity in because every day I’m deliberately ‘targeted’ by ‘cocksaw’ tree-cutters I mean ‘firewood getters’, projecting their sick witchery at me, for undisclosable reasons. But I bet YOU know! )
190513 IndeAus Logging & Climate Change pic
Indeed, it is definitely time humans banned open, wood -burning fireplaces.
I recall …. someone …. reporting that burning wood in such as home fires, is ‘carbon-neutral’. But don’t quote me on it.
Of course, banning deforestation should be a government issue.
But clearly all governments in at least ‘western, christian, democratic’ nations are traitors to the planet, thus to their own people, because doing this sort of proper thing and banning deforestation, thence, therefore designing alternative products and industries to replace all timbers sourced thru any scale of deforesting is deliberately prevented by the governments themselves, thru the subversion processes built in to the system.
The system run entirely by the religious college graduates, all of whom are paid by their cults, which control the totally insane #forprofits‘ agendas etc, of, profits-before-people and profits-before-planet’s health.
Therefore even bothering to think Ethically, when the likes of our hahaha ‘security agencies’ are happier taking the bribes for big corps’ big cults, is pointless.
So, even with irrefutable evidence that deforestation is killing the planet’s life-giving habitat, not a copper or spy will lift a finger to act and arrest whomever is corrupting the environmental laws enabling big scumbags in suits and or in big trucks (BROOOM!! BROOOM!!) to keep clear-felling the life-support systems for Mum Eartha.
But, hey, they’re very well paid, from the Public Purse, to ignore logic, wisdom, actual, not their fake ‘intelligence’, and, the law!
…. of the Forests ….


My response to the Truthdig article by
Ralph Nader – The contented classes must rise up too!

Truer words are rarely heard by the ‘comfy-fanny classes’.

Their ‘possessions’ deafen them.

The tragedy most often is, that in their materialism trances, the comfortable, ‘contented classes’ rarely if ever break free of the material wealth spells without having to be sent to penury, by their own opulence so unbalancing a nations, or other, economy that things just fall apart.

Then, usually, they’re bleating and moaning, ‘grinding their teeth’ and bitching to their governments to help them.

Like Australia’s far-har-harmers do every time their shitfully ignorant agricultural practices cause droughts or floods and wipe them, their crops and or cattle, off the land.

And even now, economics aside, the evidence is irrefutable about the carnage on it’s way up the pipe from thousands of years of sleepy-minded folks stripping the CRUCIAL forests to cause the pending climate disasters, the biggest modern-day culprits still keep on ripping down forests, trying to boost the depleted soils with big agri-chemical shit prod, wonder why the world is dying, and run to their fave’ corporate-criminal politicians for more money.

And worst of all, those possibly millions of ‘bighouse’ land owners out in rural and regional Australia, but why stop with Australia, across the world, 1st, 3rd world, developed and developing nations, the millions for sure across the deforested planet sit on their ‘contented’ fannies and do NOTHING to reforest their own naked 100s, 1000s…, hundreds-of-thousands of acres, to help mitigate the collapse of the planet’s atmospheric and hydrological cycles and systems.

Talk about the ‘contented classes’?

‘Contented’ just cannot cut it, when mindful thinking folks look their way, to see but the most lazy, selfish, ignorant yet insatiable collection of retards ever, thinking they are ”winners’ because they worked in criminal usually corporate industries to make their pile, win the favor of even bigger bankster criminals for the dosh to buy typically STOLEN Indigenous Land, yet remain full of shit when hard truths come at them.

‘Climate denialism’ is big and probably biggest across the world in the bighouses of the richer land-owners.

Denying such roaring and devastating facts is one sure sign of malcontentment, in my humble but angry opinion.

‘Pure cowardice’, and ‘terribly criminally-insane’ also fit the big house ‘lofts’, almost without exception.

So, as many if not most of them have kids, and grandkids, expected to live for the next 60 or so years, to watch the planet’s exponentially-collapsing climate turn ever uglier, we might expect those youngers would be on the wagon for massive agricultural and other land use reforms?

Ha ha! Not if they’ve scammed their way into the real estate industry!

‘Pleasant inheritances’ guaranteed!

But no, it remains from the lucky classes the tiny minority of those due to inherit ‘mum and dad’s property who found, or were ‘brung-up’ with a view to, Ethics and thus to Ethical Living, to become advocates for any serious and meaningful, worthwhile REALPolitik Corrections to our generally appalling socio-econo-political imbalances.

“Fuck the poor, the homeless, the Righteous! We’ve got the best acres, with the best views, (because of the land DENUDED of it’s native RAIN-MAKING forests), on the hilltops overlooking (overseeing, as if they’re gods) the floods and millions drowning ‘down below because of climate change! Why should WE care?”

Nevethelesssssss! Ralph is correct, once again, like he’s been for …. forty years Ralph?

What can I make of the fact that Trump’s classic call of naming Washington DC’s filthiest, as dwelling in ‘the swamp’?

Swamps are usually at the lowest altitudes where the sludge gathers and settles.

Funny, but tragically true, that the people, if they are more than wetland reptiles, rise from such swamps to the tops of the human pyramids, then assume they know how to run things, politics, economics and the real estate laws, etc?

As we know of the rise of today’s ‘lords’ to the wealthiest statuses, wealth is no indication of quality, of mind, of Ethos, of simply being Human, let alone of being Humane.

And all the way down down down the pyramid to the deforested farms across this once Sacred, and haha, hoho, hohohoho, ‘Virgin Earth’ sniggering, lying, conspiring lizards dressed up as human beings, go about keeping their real estate farms most active in destroying some 95% of all species on the planet.

Gud unya naybahs!

Two things; GET OFF THE DOPE, of the mentally-ill real estate speculation’s ultimate in unethical profiteering – three things – order your kids and theirs to also get off the pleasant inheritances lazy-ass dope, and all of you GET THERAPY!

And NOT therapy from a christian indoctrinated shrink.

You need treatment that works. So go for a long trip, with no time limit, and GET TRUE MIND THERAPY from anyone of the hundreds of remote Buddhist or Taoist, or other non-centralist creeds and or Philosophies, anywhere but in or near ‘christendom’!

Otherwise, you could always take the shortcut, and guillotine yourselves……

(That’s hardly Buddhist or Taoist, Jusro?)

Me? Angry?

OK. Some…..

As a #Greenpeace or similar Facebook post suggested today,


…. of the Forests ….

40+ Senate parties contending Australian election. Will ‘Democracy’ (haha hoho) handle it?

Australian election 2019


A total of 43 or 44 political parties are contesting in the federal #AUSTRALIAN May 18 election, for seats in the Senate.

But only very few of them have candidates in all states, with most focusing on their HQ’s states, or, the eastern seaboard big three, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. With variations.

Labor are playing it as if they’re a safe ‘walk-in’, or a ‘shoe-in’, as usual, because the Lib-Nat government has made such a mess of their tenure-slash-tenures of the last 8 or 9 years.

Classic ‘good cop-bad cop’ routine, with each certain they’ll get their go after their bed-pal opponents do their thing to the economy, and, to the minds of Australians.

But politics has never been more different recently, and not only Down Asunder in Australia.

All the big, usually two, parties across the allegedly ‘Democratic’ world, have been found wanting, in policies, ethics, keeping of promises, as well as innumerable members being exposed for some filthy habit, statement or another.

But beyond all the ‘clickbait’ and “SENSATION!” media stories, voters here at least, are well sick of the whole game.

Every media opportunity and interview with leading politicians, with exceptions, are little more than sickeningly false, or ‘contrived’ (whatever that means?), with the players performing like 2nd rate actors in a 3rd rate movie, hoping they’ll strike a better role if the right spotter sees them.

And if anyone is serious about voting for the current Lib-Nats; they clearly are too stupid to qualify to vote.

But, at least in my (seasoned) opinion, the same applies to the majority of ‘right wing’ party voters, which make up a large chunk of those 43 or 44 ‘micro’ or such, parties standing candidates for the federal Senate’s ‘half-Senate election’.

However, credible, anywhere near sound, sane, proven policies or not, with the general (my opinion) annoyance from Aussie voters with the whole ‘charade’, of Canberra, the States, Territories and Local Councils elections at ‘an all time high’, contrary to what Labor is saying, and if it works out this way, a boon for the outgoing parties of Liberal-Nationals and their sucker-fish minors, a lot of voters, will simply ‘tick’ a minor party’s box, boxes, as a PROTEST VOTE, against the brats of the big three. And or, against their masters way above us all.

I reckon the mere number of parties standing for the Senate will do damage to the whole Democratic process, by (further) dividing the vote, and voters, enough to simply make government impossible.

But, since when has Australia’s government been …. effective? After January 26th 1808, that is ….

Of course, those are all Senate seats, and the House of Reps will go, yes, in a landslide, to Labor. At least with a big win of seats.

And how much of any outcome is pre-arranged, by all players of the political class, from here and the US and UK, and, Newbies China, is only something I can suspect, and not prove. But given the patience and collating and typing etc abilities, I could prove it.

If the many minor and right wing parties do gain thru the protest vote, what with an huge increase in ‘nationalism’ here too, so something of an instinctive lean to the right, to the ‘me-first’ or in my REALPolitik talk, the ‘selfishness’ parties and ideologies, the Lib-Nats will quietly rejoice, knowing that such a result will be the workers, and a lot of rurals, rejecting the Labor ‘Socialism’ trend as given a lot of growth and air overseas, and simply voting in a shallow reactionary, so, a right wing me-first way.

Again, the focus around these 43 or 44 minor parties will be in the Senate.

But, it will set something of a standard if the next Senate is occupied with anywhere near just 20 or so of these new often single-issue parties.

Seems like chaos is coming. (Single issue parties fail badly in also having anything near good, sound, proven policies on larger more important issues.)

But…, maybe that’s not a bad thing, all things considered.

The other maybe is that young and old voters alike are accepting that humans have done bad things to the environment, and that the threats of our and all life’s extinction are real and looming, especially if we go anywhere near ‘carrying on as usual’.

I prefer that option to the really quite anti-intelligent ‘fuck the world’ vote of going for whichever looks funny enough to like and thus to vote for, and or, whichever offers the best for my job, tax break, and cheap product purchase-ability.

Todays Aussies come from the Righteous Warrior Nations of our Indigenous People, who were the Stand-Out examples of ‘fuck you!” against tyranny and simple-minded selfish colonialism, etc.

Our other half, in blood, from the first days to at least the middle of the 20th century, were mainly from lower class British Folks, who also had a fearless disdain for the establishment and arrogant elite.

So, if those traits remain, then all of them, in my opinion, would see that it is the elite, back of the big three, essentially right wing, Aussie parties, who are most driving the destruction of the environment, so it becomes Duty to vote for the parties which are out to stop that wanton destruction.

And, no surprises, the chief party covering all bases of protecting and repairing the planet, are, the Greens.

Therefore, Your Honors………

I’ll say no more………….


…. of the Forests ….

Facebook needs be broken apart. But what about the internet?

Facebook needs be broken apart. But what about the internet?

Facebook co-founder says it’s ‘time to break up’ the social media giant in scathing op-ed



Yes, Facebook, but not only Facebook, is waay too big to be healthy for Democracy, for competition or for our general mental health.

For our minds’ health? I believe that too much of other people, especially others with ‘special interests’ which are not at all our own interests, directing what we should ‘consume’ (in foods too), when the persuasion is ‘partial’ and not impartial, not open to a complete unbiased selection, is one of the bigger causes of insanity.

But that’s another issue.

Reading that NYT article by Facebook’s co-founder was enlightening in regard to Mark Zuckerberg, to how big tech and communications, social media and other business works, and, the problems of monopolization.

But what I had previously seen, was that not only such entities need breaking apart, to spread the power, as-it-were, but that we must confront what they, social media, and some of the richest technology corporations and people ever have used to grow and make their wealth – the internet.

And, with these as examples, I put it again that the internet, or some feasible parts of it, not far from what the author of that article (originally published thru the #NewYorkTimes) believes, some elements of the internet as a whole need to be resumed into government ownership and management.

The author (Chris somebody, Sorry Dude?) doesn’t go to what I have written about before, that we have a lot of work to do with that thing called ‘government’, to rid what it now is corrupted by, of the pernicious for-profit corporations misguidance, before expecting or giving over the internet to being made, worldwide, a ‘Public Utility’. Which it actually is. Already.

But, the sooner big corps like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and all tech corps accept that the internet is a PUBLIC Utility (some might call it a public toilet too!), and cooperatively work toward placing some, or all, elements of the ‘net under a – and this is the crucial point, with benefits for all players, big tech, big social media, MSM and users alike – NOT-FOR-PROFIT regime, of the planet’s governments.

Not a not-for-profit ‘charity’. Simply a body, tho, I suggest owned and managed by each government creating their own special section/s covering this new phenomenon of global and local communications internet network, which are funded thru all nations’ introducing a revenue stream to cover costs of the departments and staff, etc.

Everyone will object to such another impost, another tax.

But, to see the overall benefits of removing the unnatural costs imposed upon all players and users as charged by the massively unregulated for-profits which currently control the internet, and charge like wounded bulls for everyone’s use of their services, charges which they determine, without impartial scrutiny, and are always inflated to make the for-profits as much as they can scam from we who are now unable to communicate in many ways without the internet, should have everyone, casual users, corporate players and governments, see the practical all-round improvement of making the internet the Public Utility that it is, officially, and globally recognized for what it is.

Obv.., I didn’t go to Harvard ….. 8(

Saying, the break-down of Facebook is but one small part of how we all deal with the internet and what it provides a staggering percentage of humanity with now, and in future.

Little little me, down asunder all alone in a forest, has a voice, appealing to the big big big BIG fucking BIG corporations, and CEOs et al ET Al, way over there in Sili …. cone …. Valley, and around our Big Mumma, to make an issue of that ‘little’ point I’ve been hammering on about online for a few months about the #InternetUtility thaing.

Mad if you don’t, Mark #Zuckerberg, #Google, #Alphabet, and others.


…. of the Forests ….

“Australian federal May 18 2019 election result open to many options”

[#Jusro; Firstly, (and this applies across all my media and publications/posts) I ask readers to be patient with me, because I know many sentences and paragraphs are way too long, and are hard to understand. I’m constantly under the hammer, with numerous players ensuring it’s as hard as possible for me to write clearly online, and off. I think I make my points which are what all journalists, mainstream and Alt simply cannot publish. So I do attract the trolls and other idiots, mainly of the #ForProfit worlds.
Cheers, whatever,

“Australian federal May 18 2019 election result open to many options”

Jusro’s comment on the above linked SMH David Crowe article;
Considering the extent to which mainstream media, Murdoch-style, has forever controlled and warped all political debates, thus elections, and that big corp in-general rely on ‘tax-havens’ and avoiding paying tax wherever they most screw with the processes of Democracy, with the many corrections at play today in all political and social arenas, and in international relationships, all areas of which, including corruption of basic, fundamental and crucial laws, allow big corps to totally wreck the planet, it is one of ‘THE’ issues of our times that media at least pays it’s full taxes.
Getting the global media to pay their full share of tax, everywhere they profit off publishing lies to sway elections and people’s consumption habits-read-addictions, may not ‘make them straight’ in terms of reporting facts and only facts, but it will at least place them back under the law, where we all belong.
As long as “The Law” is True and Correct.
Is that, ‘another story’?
Of a certainty, getting Laws True and Correct, is THE Story, all politicians, therefore, Your Honors, ALL VOTERS must commit to, in elections, but as well, in their own lives. primarily by correcting their own typically wildly errant lifestyles.
It’s that, and those issues which is bringing the Schoolies world-over out onto the streets in PROTEST for the Planet, and in order to demand that all players stop fucking everyone’s ONLY MUMMA.
Murdochs and most all commercial media are complicit in that unregulated, that-is ‘ungoverned’ (meaning this should be the primary role of ‘government’, of regulating how we all use the natural resources, etc) but massively irresponsible wrecking of our Earth, by taking payments from those worst of big corps industries for their often unethical advertising.
But, that’s evolution for you.
Question is, can we, thru what presents as “the Democratic Processes” learn and correct our systems away from the entropic nature of evolution?
As usual, big changes to such huge ‘ships’ require big revolutions.
While sentiment is spreading, based upon recent decades’ release via the internet of information and knowledge of how the tyrants have snuck to have and kept power over us, since pre-historical epochs, it remains a pipe-dream to think that there’s near enough of humanity ready willing and able to DOWN TOOLS, PENS, KEYBOARDS, and other devices, fully informed, and angry, then to UNITE on the streets out front of ALL PARLIAMENTS, to in-unison DEMAND corrections to all the long time corrupt laws.
In #Australia of late such authorities as the #ACCC have found their Mojo and been given teeth enough to go hard against such criminals as the big banks. We’ve had in recent decades Royal Commissions into media, and one where Rupert Murdoch and his boy James actually attended, and he got a grilling from the panel of administrators over some bad behavior thing.
It looked too much like an act, to me. And proven as so, because they simply said their little bits, and flew off back to their fave’ castles O/S.
No prison terms. No fine even, as I recall.
But…, that was then. This is now.
Reading Bill Shorten responding with apparent ‘Grit’ to how the Murdoch rag ‘the Daily Telegraph’ out of ‘Sinny’…., wrote down Shorten’s mum, and that ‘it’s on!’ maybe.., between Murdoch and the ALP this election, and beyond, might inspire voters to expect some actual credible and thus, lasting reforms to media laws, and, hope-on-hope to larger, deeper, more fundamental laws…., of…., the ….., LAND?
The #AustralianGreens have released some of their policies for the election, with one of my long-plugged sets about resuming public services into government, included.
That too, should require reforms to some basic laws of the nation, to ensure those resumptions remain in perpetuity as irrefutable laws.
So? with all the uproar from so many groups, generations, sectors and others against the ‘Situation Normal, All Fucked Up’ SNAFU of Australia and the planet, it should not be discounted that some of our more Honorable players up top, do manage to go the needed steps further and address the long errant laws of all lands?
Whether or not Labor ‘Down Asunder’ can win government in their own right, without the need to curry favor with the Greens, something pundits seem to assume will be how it plays out, but I’m not so sure, if we go by the often unreported droves of punters who are fucking sick of the two/three big parties good-cop/bad-cop games during election terms, and at the ‘change-of-guard’ elections, I suspect we will see a shift toward the ‘fringe’ and ‘extreme’ parties, both ‘left and right’ on May 18.
That could be chaotic for both/three majors, as their bubbles burst.
If, as well…, I think more than ever are actually, quietly perhaps, even amongst their mates et al, deciding to vote Greens, having by the various ‘Alt-Media’ learned that humans have for thousands of years been creating the now-pending global climate disasters, while on the right a lot of minor and splinter parties have sprung into existence, luring their trad’ voter base of low-education and working class voters, but with learning, voters see thru them as being but puppets for the rotten right wing ‘Murdoch-marketed’ establishment, who Workers (must) traditionally HATE, we may be surprised, if we can trust the AEC counters, a stronger outcome for the Greens.
Workers and lower class folks, here but especially in larger western nations, often never go out from their own neighborhoods or cities to actually experience ‘nature’, in bushlands, and remote forests or deserts.
So too many of them never develop any healthy Respect for Nature. ‘Life’for them is all about their job, often in smelly or poor health factories, off to the pub, watching foreign flashy TV shows about cites and cops and crimes and rah-blah-rah, plus of course the hypnotic advertisements of shit prod, all of it keeping them within those ‘manageable’ mental limits.
So asking them to vote for those fucking Greenies, often is too hard.
Add the utter shit that Murdoch’s (and covens’) rags push against all things Environmentalism, and the job’s done – they’ll never vote for their ONLY HABITAT, Mum Eartha.
So, we wait…., to see if the Schoolies, mainly I suspect from the private church schools, but but, maybe government schoolies are also ‘at it!” in protesting for the climate, and we wait…, to see if the many other issues back of and inside of politics are hitting home to the Workers, enough for them to drop the bullshit against not the often, yes, ‘spoiled brats’ which make-up such ‘Eco-Friendly’ organizations as the Greens, but enough for Workers to drop the lies spread against THE POLICIES which DO add up, but are totally against such loons as the Murdoch media and globalist NWO cults who want it all their way, at the expense and lives of the cannon-fodder and waged slaves down below in ‘the pit’, and mills, and slave houses, etc.
The big and tragic irony is the ‘Workers’ traditionally, or more so today (since the Howard/Kennett/Costigan witches of the late 1990s snapped everyone shitless, to leave the #Unions), vote for their less sophisticated right wing and extreme right wing parties, without accepting that those parties and players are in it for their own selfish ‘fuck the workers’ egocentric aggrandisement, and play ‘the game’ totally for the Workers’ very enemies in the hated establishment big right wing parties.
But, masses and generations of bad bad very bad magic has been cast over us all. So breaking those voting spells is a big call.


We may only hope that it wont be a walk-in for Labor.
But a healthy win, nevertheless, and one where they can be strong enough to be able to, with Greens, call out the big polluter corps they’ve long, with Unions’…., relied upon for bribes I mean donations to feed the beast of political advertising, etc.
Fact is, it all has to change. Much much ‘more intelligent’ to use what remains of this thing called ‘elections and voting’ to sort the wheat from the chaff, the adults from the immature, and for Peeps to know, not blindly ‘believe’, what, not who, to vote for, from here into the hazy future.
…. of the Forests ….

Global or National Socialism is the big 2-sides’ political question – what else? Earth’s Environment.

Rebelling against ‘globalism’ & a ‘new world order’ doesn’t make Farage an ‘anti-Semite’


What all #Democracy needs, is a ‘far-right wing’ political party which recognises that the planet is stressed, environmentally.

‘#Politics’, in not only Australia, is on the verge of some large changes, and we’re seeing masses deserting the ‘traditional’ big parties in western nations, the #UK, #EU #Europe and #Australia but a few, to small sometimes radical, but often ‘far-right’ organizations.

I offer reasons and corrections to the bigger centrist parties errors and suggestions for voters going to the fringe and extremists. Suggestions based totally on the impartial, global environmental crises the earth is facing.

A (imo) MUST READ for Australians, as Australia is being dragged to the May 18 federal election. Another election most are aware will be both a farce and a mockery of voters and of the system.

#MarineLePen #JeanLucMelenchon #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #NigelFarage #AlexJones

Watching a YouTube RT News video interview of Alex Jones with Nigel Farage, I finally wrote thoughts I’ve had of late about the two – alleged – sides of western democratic politics.

Here they are….;


TO: Alex Jones and Nigel Farage, if I may.., er.., if I MIGHT (haha),

Nigel went to the core of what I see as the chief problems, real and or fabricated, in regard to the political ‘left and right’, about the EU being the lead ‘agent’ as-it-were, for the globalist’s mad plan for their one world government.

I too, am quite against any such ‘beast’, because same as you both, I guess, it is the opposite to all notions of Democracy.

And, deeper I look, it is the antithesis of our, of all human’s very being!

We should be personally independent thinkers, and free to choose, within legitimate ecological boundaries, how we live our lives.

But, for all the madness of most ‘born-to-rule’ elites back thru history, we have long had our “Sovereignty of Soul” (if “Soul” is OK to use) stolen from us by the plethora of mad cults, which have coalesced into today’s maddest, be they of the masons, catholics or other.

Those two reasons are why I defy their plots, plans, scams, schemes and conspiracies to fabricate the NWO.

However, there is major problem which goes unspoken, undiscussed.

“Socialism”, driven, planned and on-some-unsteady track to being implemented globally, by the so-called ‘left’.

The ILO. The internationalists of the global labour cartels, mainly out of zionism.

Now, I say (as most know) that I’m a very Deeeep Green, which goes with the REALPolitical scientific facts about the basic truths inherent in ‘Socialism’.

Where government owns certain sectors of ‘the economy’ and runs them as non-profit entities.

The Public Services, Utilities, and like sectors, are, by their very nature, as being used and needed by all of us, ie., by The Public, that is, we who make up the society and nations, who, should be the Demos owning and managing those same non-profit sectors of the economy, work best, most economically when the for-profit motive is kept out of their works.

That’s not to say there are no areas of ‘the economy’ where for-profits can be allowed to exist, and …. profit.

That is where capitalism should be freely allowed to function.

And this thing called ‘government’, need only monitor players and their obeying the basic laws of an economy.

Otherwise, government functions as the manager of those non-profit utilities, services and facilities, is entirely a merit-based system, where proven talents rise thru ranks to head up departments and committees etc, but plays little to (ideally …. in Utopia, I agree) no publicly ‘in-your-face’ roles.

Such systems …. perfect, so hypothetical as they may be …. would of course, be based upon TRUE laws …. of …. the …. LAND, which ensure no-one is left out, everyone has opportunities, good honest impartial education, housing, and such, and, for such an ideal society, would have no need to become criminals.

Hence, and for this hombre, no need for POLICE!

However…, yes, quite Utopian.

Back of that, back of the alleged feuds between the supposed political ‘left’ and ‘right’, rests what Nigel identified.

The Socialist GLOBALISTS, versus, in his political case, the ‘Nationalists’.

And, while the globalist MSM and big state politicians shitcan all ‘fascism’ and ‘Neo-Nazis’, egging every less-informed commenter to join in, resorting to mocking Adolf Hitler’s party and efforts, they are the drivers of the very same

– Socialism.

But instead of being NATIONAL Socialism, which is what “Nazi” is the abbreviation for, they are so off the Golden Path as to think only their GLOBAL model and regime would work.

(Sorry, I’m off my game lately.)

Point being, I view the globalist imperative as the utmost of all powermad ideals and desires. Even tho they are on the same page about having, (albeit most likely a con by them) the logical and evidence-based system we call Socialism as the basis of efficient government, my long view has been that a massive amount of today’s social and governmental and resources (in regard to insatiable demands etc) problems are caused by too centralized, ie., too globalized, ‘managers’.

‘Managers’ in any remnants of proper democratically owned and controlled government, and in whichever private corporate area of ‘the economy’, which have their HQs so their authoritarian dictators in one or but a few ‘ivory towers’. Far far far from ‘We, The People’.

So, no matter how the ‘right’ is marketed, and or presented in media, the two, ‘right’ and ‘left’ have the same underlying principles of how to most efficiently manage economies and societies.

The sole difference is the ‘right’ wants much more local ownership management and control of their own region, nation, economy and society, as per #Brexit, whereas the apparent ‘left’, of the large worldwide ILO and offshoots, as-if in hypnotic (catholic) trances, stuck on narrow and basically ignorant ‘dogma’ that humans are incapable of managing their own patches themselves, the ILO mobsters want total, selfish, megalomaniac, insane, illogical, massively uneconomic, and globally-central authoritarianist control, over the whole of life on earth.

And, in all that, they deem themselves the ‘born-to-rule’ cults ‘managing’, like high haha priests, or worse, like gods, everyone’s ‘Sovereignty of Mind’ Human Being …. ness!

Amongst all those sheer lunatic desires for endless and total power, on earth, they ignore totally that that same insatiable desire for such centralized power, is the biggest cause of corruption.

Now, if by some fluke or magic, Utopia landed and everyone was fed, housed, and happy, lots would remains in educating all to understand the system, so everyone would know, not merely believe, WHAT, not who, not Jesus, not Lucifer, not any fabled mythical godlike puppet (because today, that would be all any super monarchic figure would be), WHAT, come to managing their local and other economies,they need monitor in their local regional, national and global managers (government).

So honest education, primarily on Economics, must be instituted, and worldwide, so everyone knows how the world works, etc.

Also, and this too often, but correctly, becomes a point of argument, media too must be monitored, and by as many as possible, controlled, so partial ‘for-profit’ manipulations of people’s thinking cannot destroy the proper economic, social, trade and profiteering aspects of society, for the whole lot of us.

So? The globalists have led us to having all the international communications and trade and …. wars, along the path toward global ‘fascism’.

To fulfill those goals, the notion of a supreme centrist regime was seen as imperative, simply we might assume, to ensure cohesion and cooperation across the globe between all it’s factions and branches and differing cultures, etc.

It’s hard not to believe that that is still their ultimate system, and goal, like it’s hard not to think that they have lost the plot, and have been consumed by the ‘absolute power’ syndrome and psychoses.

However, that aside, the left and right are in fact on the same page, outside of the globalism versus localism differences.

The EU types of centralist dystopia, in place and planned, are what we are fighting against.

But ‘we’, are, or should be, in elections and such, together in fighting for our own rights to manage our own lives, and local government affairs.

The only issue not understood, or accepted especially by ‘the right’, is the latest, but long long time coming, problem of the planet’s environment being on the verge of collapsing.

So, all alleged feuds between ‘left and right’ should not be issues at all, for any of us.

What we all need do, and now, with the science and more widely spread education on how precious to everyone our ONLY PLANET is, with the Greens also recognizing the rectitude of Socialist government, and what’s more of LOCALIZED Socialism, so the Greens , dare I say it, are purely from their highly intelligent investigations, also happy to concur with the basic tenets of ‘National Socialism’, or, (without playing on it), with a Nazist political basis.

The core reason why so many people, left and right, have rejected the Greens parties and ideologies, I posit, is that they know to some degree that the catholics, ie., the CENTRISTS out of Rome, have been behind the formation and rise of both ‘the left’, and of ‘the Greens’.

And from where I stand, I quite agree that we all must DEFY that demon of central AND FALSE ideology.

But, credit where it’s due!

Because with all their own ‘lost tribes’ and other megalomania psychoses, some of them, have done the proper, impartial science on the environment, local to global and on how best a society and nation functions, ie., with Socialist economics.

Add the two, Socialism and Environmentalism together, and it does, in truth, not in marketed hyperbola, not in magical thinking persuasion, not in political gibberish, and definitely not in hypnotic cult smooth-talk, become “all things to all people”.


VIVE National Socialism! (But, I also advocate, decentralization down down down to where we all own our own LOCAL Governmentation, Democratically.

And …. to go on a bit …., where the Locals administer revenue, and apportion taxes UP the tiers to counties, states and national centres, according to the merit of their needs and plans and projects etc. But that’s another aspect….!

Therefore…., Your Honors…., dare I put it, that I advocate to all who see the failings of today’s mad big parties centrist system, who are leaving them in droves and thinking about voting for their favored ones of the myriad, splintered and splintering ‘more extreme right wing’ parties, doing that is letting yourselves down, and your kids, and their etc.

Most all the ‘extreme right wing’ parties and candidates are incorrect in their beliefs and policies, based almost totally upon “all is lost! Best vote for yourselves, and damn the rest!” As well as plain wrong beliefs about “who is actually behind global warming etc”.

Because the facts are that humans have been damaging the crucial natural environment for thousands of years mainly by unregulated deforestation, and now we’re at the tipping-point, where there is simply not enough natural foliage to keep the natural oxygen and other crucial elements production-cycles working.

So, political preferences aside, sort of, because they’re actually very similar,

voting for one of the ‘right wingers’ will only destroy the chances for Proper Democracy, as I try explain above, of Local Ownership of the processes.

And counter to what both major parties are working hand-in-glove for, of global central NWO government, where no-one outside of the top most clique of elites has any freedom, splintering what remains of this thing called ‘voting’ etc., we all have to lift the natural environment on our lists of priorities. Even to it being the first priority in what we vote for.

I’m done. Not sure if I went off the track there, so I’ll post and leave it to readers to think it thru.

Thanks #AlexJones, and #NigelFarage, for your Strength and DEFIANCE of the nutjob centrists!

…. of the Forests ….