If the US Military has ANY WORTH, then it has to be for this…..!


Convert Your Car Into A Water Powered Car!

Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell (Wikipedia)

Stanley Meyer: Death and Denial.

This Car Runs Solely On Water

190818 Gaia Video on Stanley Meyers H2O Fuel Cell IN 1996 INVENTOR snip


If such as the #US_Military had and has ANY WORTHWHILE PURPOSE, it has to be to take-down the fossil fuels and other lunatic ‘out-of-the-bottle’ special-interest #FOR_PROFITS, which deliberately keep this magnificent HYDROGEN FUEL SYSTEM away from YOU, The People of OUR ONLY PLANET; “Mum Eartha”!

190818 Gaia Video on Stanley Meyers H2O Fuel Cell HIS DESIGN PRODUCED HYDROGEN FUEL snip

Imagine, if those 900 plus US military bases sprinkled around the planet, were to firstly, begin their own, globally-connected, SCIENTIFIC HYDROGEN-FUEL DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS, so the Military themselves could run on Hydrogen fuel? (As mentioned in this video, the #US_Navy has already developed JET FUEL from SEA WATER.)

190818 Gaia Video on Stanley Meyers H2O Fuel Cell VALIDATED snip

Then, secondly, in UNITY with all US Military Bases, all other nations’ Military, simply TOLD all fossil fuel corporations to shut down that element of their operations….,

…. the most polluting and war-causing factor of human existence would be stopped.

#OperationStanleyMeyer might be a fitting name for such a GLOBAL MILITARY COLLECTIVE PROJECT, and Tribute to Stan Meyer, who was murdered by big oil?

That’s not to overlook nor forget the millions of other “#BackShedInventors” and #DIY Locals who have also made their own H2O-Fuel motors!

Salt Of The Earth, ALL of Them!

Maybe all that’s needed, is for the #MSM to get onboard too, and to SPEAK TRUTH about this basic, simple Hydrogen Fuel unit, which MILLIONS OF US could make at home, in our back sheds.

(CAUTION; It’s best to add that;






The leading factor tho, is that a finished working system does not make any more fuel than is needed at the time, in the seconds before it is injected into the, almost any, internal combustion, petrol-fueled engine.

So it is not a case of having to store any quantity of Hydrogen fuel.

(That, making then having to store, in this case in large fuel tanks, is why all sensible safety law concerns are made to protect you and others.)

The machine makes it only as much fuel as the engine requires with each power-stroke (more or less).

Indeed, it is not incorrect to state that;

IT IS A CRIME TO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN HYDROGEN FUEL, but with full and proper research, top quality equipment, materials and safety precautions, naturally.

And, the making of such a unit, with good quality materials, still only costs a few hundred (Australian) dollars.


But…? Ho-hummm?

Maybe I…, am from…., #Utopia?

But! I AM NOT ALONE! (Well? Metaphorically…)

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“Political Correctness”?

#Jusros OP;

Most “PC” comes from the delicate ‘CHRISTIAN’ cults who do everything to stymie criticism.
But zionists are in the same camp, as per ‘Israel’s’ 100-to-250 year long campaign to steal ALL the Levantine’s (Middle-East’s) real estate.
And to distract everyone from their (at least) 110 year long TERRORISM campaigns, which included the two ‘world wars’, the invasion of China, and innumerable others…, up until very recently in Christchurch New Zealand!
Those, christian’s and zionist’s ‘PC’ aims especially to stymie intelligent deconstruction of both of their deeply and most dangerously flawed beliefs about each of their idealized central ‘god-king’ monarchs.
The last thing cult christians want, is to be EXPOSED as being the world’s most ANTI-DEMOCRACY ideology.
Which is precisely what having their fake puppet god-king Jesus on the global throne is!
By definition, christianity thus christians voting, is anti democratic
That’s why they ‘invented’ ‘political correctness’.
No surprises that almost all western politicians prescribe to that same ‘centrist’ ideology, and thus the PC reduction of their policies, commentaries, interviews and professed beliefs!
Poor, precious, SOFT, little white flowers …..


All Human INFRASTRUCTURE Needs The Biggest Make-Over! RETHINKING How?

$600bn of spending needed over next 15 years, Infrastructure Australia says

Urban fringes of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are particularly stretched due to the population boom



190812 TheGuardian $600bn in infrastructure SNIP

OP by #Jusro;


The crucial base of all societies, upon which they are, or are not, efficient, that-is upon which all Citizens, are or are not living economic, and prosperous, lives.

Depending upon how sensibly designed and built the infrastructure is, communities, regional and city, will or will not be sustainable.

Today, perhaps centuries after “the science” first found that the ‘modern’ industrialized world was following a route of growth etc which was not at all sustainable, “the secrets are OUT!”

Hence the Rise of “Popular Dissidentism”, or grammatically-better, “Popular Dissent”, with the far better informed ‘next generations’ from as young as 5, 6, 7 years of age thru to we ‘oldies’, learning about what the big corp hidden agendas have been, perhaps also for centuries, of building ridiculous and maximally-inefficient cities, with similarly inefficient surrounding rural communities over which the absolutely spoiled ‘brattocrats’ can laud it, and maintain the selfish delusions of their “born to fool” I mean “born to rule” classholes. (Or do I?)

And, “infrastructure” is key amongst the MASSIVE FAIL that seems more every day, to be our fabulous, modern, hi-tech everything, trendoid societies.

However, NOT to be dissuaded, or guided to actually think, our cultural ‘experts’ from the aloof, big salary, #FORPROFIT tertiary (and religiously loyal) colleges, keep on pumping up (!) rubbish postulations as to how we all need to follow their ‘professional’ leads, into the big global DITCH.


As the 1970s saying went “One nuclear bomb can really fuck your day!”

And all your plans for a picnic, down the big infrastructure highway, NO! the big infrastructure TOLL-way, if you please pay-pay-PAY, to get there?

Without bothering to pick this article, or any interviewed commentors’ comments apart, what is obvious to me, is that they are all “steady-as-she-goes”, off the edge of all sustainable social, economic systems.

Throwing MORE PUBLIC FUNDS at the dying and terminally insufficient Victorian, Australian or global systems of infrastructure is a certain death wish.

As if ‘the system-slash-systems’ ‘they’, the big expert ‘they’s’, from the world-upstairs, are alleged ‘experts’ in, are absolutely fine, will function perfectly well, until the end of time.

If, as is the case, and why this AU$600bn is assessed as necessary, our infrastructure needs major increases in cement and investment, the proposals go nowhere near to building what our burgeoning human populations will need in coming decades, let alone centuries.

As if…, there are absolutely no problems with what we and our predecessors have invented, dreamed-up in our claret-soaked hours, designed, stolen trillions of the PUBLIC’s funds to build, and thereafter, in our hyper-bloated egotrips have ensured the least efficient cities, societies and har-har-har, ‘civilizations’, all of our efforts and delusions which will, exactly as our christianated programming has hypnotized us to “BELIEVE!” see us “SAVED!”, on the best acres of spoiled brattocratic retirement.

Derrr? NOT….! If the rising Popular Dissidents ride onto your luxurious rural patches first!

But please, spoiled college experts, don’t take that as a threat, nor as a guarantee, that your retirements may not be so self-assured safe.



If there is one thing we must NOT keep-on-keeping-on doing, from now on, ALL THINGS and ecological affairs, CONSIDERED, is to assume those ageing, and all-up dangerously bad, “infrastructural designs and projects” are sound, and will satiate all needs and demands into the unforeseeable future, short and long term.

[EDIT; This article suggests that spending billions on what is basically updates of the old structures will fix all infrastructure woes.

What it fails in, (imo), is accepting that much more than updating ageing concrete and or roadways is necessary, and that the whole fundamental layout of every area of how humans now get around, work, play, rest and commute, is totally …. well …., ‘prehistoric’, metaphorically. Right down to how we spread ourselves in residential, business, industrial, agricurltural and other regions, and ways.

To the extent of …. IF??? …. we’re serious…, completely abandoning our spoils of private cars, so that in future, THEIR streets, roads, highways, tollways, bridges and ‘Chunnels’, etc will be gone from all landscapes, country and city.

So everything we automatically think of when we hear the word “infrasctructure”, will be massively different to what exists now.]

I do believe, that the accused ‘experts’ have not the programmed minds enough to step outside of the systems they so love messing with, and keeping pretty-dangerously-the-same, to see, especially using THE SCIENCE, that those systems are steering the species, and the planet to an early doooom!

Maybe it’s not an early doooom? Maybe their high-paying deity has always deemed it thus, that no matter how Impartial Intelligence might know better, we fallen nutjobs with huge merit-free salaries and life-tenures in comfy college wooded suites, have always been destined to FUCK EVERYTHING, with their, aloof, arrogant, narcissistically-enforced ideals of what tickles their jolly-sticks most?

Maybe? Maybe NOT!

As the #ExctinctionRebellion Champions, and every #Dissident before them, in the #OccupyWallStreet, #Anonymous, #Greens, #Anarchist, #Atheist and every other THINKING Organization as have evolved above the soup of mainstream ‘expert-designed’ disaster knows, “it’s the system”, of staid, paid-for, partial and always FORPROFIT designs, of how masses of us are expected to live, which are the deadly enemies of future generations.



Personally, I much prefer a system of “OUT-frastructure”. Where I at least, am free to GET THE FUCK OUT of the oppressive, terminal ‘infrastructures’ of our modern ways of fooling ourselves, AND OUR KIDS, that, as a certain deluded ‘mother-figure’ dispelled all my questions with; “Don’t you worry about a thing, dear. It will all work out in the end. I know what I’m doing!”

Etc, etc, raah-blaah-bullshit!

Sayin’…, a deadly minimum of today’s ‘infrastructure’ is actually sane, or sustainable, thru into the future.

It’s painfully obvious to me at least, that none of the alleged ‘experts’ in this article, have the faculties to step right back and look at the overall picture-slash-pictures, of what has been built since the earliest ‘civilizations’, thru the endless awry paths of more infrastructure, our ‘lost tribes’ have staggered down, ‘since the fall’, to what they, the experts, are left with, and must negotiate new and updated designs for, thru to what will be left for the future generations.

NOT, their fault, of course. “It’s a CULTURAL thaing”.

Ancient, hypnotic, in it’s lures, temptations, confidence-pills, and certainties of those dreams of pleasant acres thru retirement.

As long as no-one rocks the boat! NO-ONE!

“Steady as she goes!” down the shithole of planecide, because we’ve built trillions of tonnes of shit infrastructure on her, our once, precious and, har-har-har, “Virgin”, Mother Eartha!

(Have another glass of sherry, or scotch, or gin! MORE PILLS!)

Aside from the ignorant over-concentration of cement and other heavy materials into the smallest patches of FORPROFIT real estate speculators’ bonanzas, ie., “cities”, the overall effects are the deadliest systems possible.

The imbalances forced upon everyone, will be our collective doooom.

All of those causes, running on, riding on, driving on, working on, in and under the totally uneconomic, totally impractical, totally unsustainable models of modern, infrastructure.

Building more of the same deadly structures on top of what has simply evolved since the first dad was booted out of the cave, hoping, no matter how magically-thought-out the publicity and political speeches are, does not do the world any good at all.

But….? Ho-humm? What can we do about it?

How about…, “THINK”?

To me, having had about 40 solitary years to try to think, about what thinking is, to me, thinking is…, full of variables…, all having their place, I guess?

There’s thinking for oneself, for one’s own personal best interests. Totally justifiable!

And, at the opposite end of the “thinks’ spectrum”, there’s “thinking for the group”.

While maybe both spectral ends of the thinking frequency band insist their ways are the only true ways, etc, they are, in the proper frames of mind, able to exist harmoniously, with no conflict of interest, etc.

“Philosophical” keeps popping in here, which, with it’s root meaning, “Love of Wisdom”, goes to notions mocked to dust by the moderns, of our spoiled world.

Maybe Wisdom automatically infers Impartiality?

Where we make it our chief practice to step back, and stay back, so we can always see the full picture, of our own best self-interests, but, so our own don’t conflict or cause trouble for others’, self-interests?

Having not had any social life, for at least three decades, but likely in reality for all of my 64 years, so regularly looking in to these machinations of mind, the Impartial perspective seems to be the best.

And possible, in, and for, all situations.

I venture to say that most all Truly Indigenous Nations did actually, quite naturally “think”, in that Impartial Way, such that it was never an issue, between a ‘me-generation’ and the Tribe, Community or Nation’s Elders, Et Al.

Ways, Traditions, Customs and their whole Cultures, maybe, were so oriented around Harmony with the Greater World, that it was autonomic to go thru life without having to think against the system, for one’s own preservation, or for any larger number.

So, any kind of infrastructures they saw a need for remained 100%, and likely several-100% in harmony with the planet’s ecosystems, etc.

“…. several-100% in harmony ….” meaning that if they did see the need to build, it was as likely advantageous for the bigger world, instead of what we see more and more today, of ‘modern, expert-designed’ infrastructure only adding to our and to the planet’s inefficiencies, uneconomics, chaos and overall demise.
But sheet? The FORPROFITS are laughing all the way to the big realty ditch!

The growing Collectives of “Popular Dissidents” (and must be added, from “the Left”, and from “the Right”), are closer to seeing the same disasters in the making, as and in how I see them.

Accepting all the huge structures modern cities are seeing boom up, without having any thoughts of doubt as to “where it’s all taking us”, etc., is probably a very unhealthy condition to hold to.

But, once more, being paid to blind oneself to such conditionally-terrifying ways of looking at and thinking of the world, is the most popular plague-of-mind amongst the for-profiteers in big corps tower-offices, thru mainstream colleges, in most media, in all city, outer-urban and regional FOR-PROFIT industries and thus, thru the lame, over-consuming masses.

They, are why, allegedly, we need leaders.

But, as came to mind a day or two ago,

“It’s not our leaders, who are the problem. It’s the followers!”

However, “leaders of industry”, are rarely not followers too, of the worst ideals, policies and regimes.

And, as recent elections have been terrifying the mainstream “political classes” with, a bigger-than-ever Mass of Voters too, see and reject ‘their leaders’, in politics and I’d guess, in their industries too.

I do wonder if the reported, alleged, falls in retail sales, etc, are not another result of the sheeple waking up to the hoodwinking that their ‘leaders’, not only in politics, but of the FORPROFIT consumer-products, markets and whole anti-natural-environment industries too, most of all, in truth, have been…, ‘winking’…, at them, since the first snake-oil seller rented a stall in a marketplace?

“Infrastructure”, needs a complete make-over.

Complete! From “The Grassroots” up!

From the least central, least centralized institutions, chambers, offices, executives.

To, the most LOCAL Administrations, who, “on-the-ground”, deal with and see all the results of some massive for-profit infrastructural venture they are appointed to manage the throngs thru, over or around, but always in the end, under.

And, reviewing the whole network and system as has evolved, all of which has been perhaps the most pernicious of all, of blind, power-mad centralization of all power and authority, like a mad “JESUS IS THE ONE AND ONLY KING!” christian cult, means totally rethinking the networks we all need and cannot not use to, (over there in Utopia), simply and ho-ho-ho, economically, get thru our days, if not daze.

And the word is…, “#DECENTRALIZATION”!

The necessary inclusions of Decentralization flow thru everything, to where we ‘work’, to what ‘work’ is, and needs most harmoniously to be, IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE, perpetually, naturally, into our hour-by-hour lifestyles, habits, customs and such, so that we, humanity, can and do, naturally, “unthinkingly” live, work, laugh, play and die in harmony with the sources of our very existence; planet Earth.


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Comment to Law and Addiction Mike Papantonio interview (on YouTube)

Law and Addiction Mike Papantonio interview

Again Facebook is not opening for me, so I’ll post here for now.

Here’s my comment to Mike Papantonio after watching the linked interview on his ‘fiction’ book “Law and Addiction”.


Great interview guys!

To this 25 year “on-the-road” 64y/o Dissident Outlaw , “zombie-land” suits the audiences who must watch Australian TV now. Going by the ads for shows, you’d have to be pilled-out on something strong to ‘want’ to watch most of them.

And when I go to town, they’re ‘not uncommon’.

How much big pharma, (but it has also to be all big corps, autos, supermarkets and all their junk products), adds to the general ‘zombie’ culture which is overtaking what is an evermore frightened society ‘Down Asunder’ in Australia, has to be a large percentage.

To myself, also a ‘material-minimalist’, for a few reasons tho, these all come from the worst culture in our ‘some-other-guy’ fake savior religion, which forces people to ‘believe’ that happiness and contentment is found OUT THERE.

Anywhere but within our own self. And that turns quick to the masses looking for satiation in material, wealth, or in ‘product’ generally.

And ‘drugs’ fits right into that delusion-making errant ideology.

Also, not irregularly are there ‘police’ and or customs busts of huge amounts of illicit drugs coming in from O/S.

Australia is only about 25 million in population.

So I’m a little 1, baffled, as to who is using as much as 1a, gets busted coming into Australia, and 1b, how much IS NOT BUSTED by the authorities.

Like, we’re talking TONS, and just of the busted a loads.

So it’s not unreasonable to deduce that a lot more is getting thru the customs’ ‘walls’ etc. Like A LOT LOT MORE.

So, again, who is consuming these massive loads, of crack, ice, Meth (?same thing?), cocaine, etc?

In Australia, all levels of society are deeply corrupted, and more so than any would dare get the stat’s on, use illicit drugs.

As well, I believe, a significant proportion of Aussies partake of ‘doing crime’ to support their, not just drugs’ habits, but their whole lifestyle.

I guess that ‘meth labs’ as well of course as huge Cannabis growing operations go on right across the continent.

So, how many Aussies regularly use and or are addicted to the various legal ‘big pharma’, and illegal drugs, could be a scary statistic to know?

But there’s no doubt that together, or perhaps some leading crime syndicate, going into cults, are the drugs kingpins, and it’s they who keep Cannabis and all drugs illegal.

My guess says a lot of these usually expensive drugs are going straight (in) to corporate executives, and the ‘wealthier’ of us, their colleagues, cronies, their families, and and…..

I think everywhere, everyone knows the police are often on some form of drug like a modern ‘speed’, and meth and whatever gets them into that fast, high-functioning mode, for their deadly workplaces. And with some major proportion of the society, the lower classes no less, if not more, also doing hard and fast drugs regularly, WOH! Chaos is all that can rule.

But who else? And what of the very makers and distributors of the ‘opioids’ you go into in Law and Addiction?

Dare we go into ‘the political class’ and to however many if not most of our politicians, their kids, staff, associates, et al et al, get off from whichever drugs are available?

Serious problems, worldwide, no question.

And, Mike being a lawyer would agree, I’m pretty sure, that most of all these and myriad other crimes, and crimes of addiction to drugs, etc, are because of the bad laws, we are forced to live and die under.

My ‘Pen Chant’ being talking about BAD LAND LAWS (I studied the findings of America’s Greatest, Mr Henry George, in the 1980s, which explains a little as to my “25 years O-T-R’ “status!) as being the root cause of so many other resultant crimes, and, an eventual, inevitable, and maybe worldwide collapse of most all nations’ societies.

I’ll die waiting for the world’s Righteous Lawyers, to present the case for GLOBAL LAND LAW REFORMS……



Facebook AND the msm collude to censor news and media

The above title goes to issues reported on the msm media I follow, about how (in my considered opinion) the Australian federal government, read “political class”, is in bed with the mainstream Australian media, to try and ‘punish’ Facebook and Google, for being the lead agents online, of challenging, and essentially sending broke all the age-old msm ‘4th estate’ mind, information and news  controllers.

‘Politics’ has fallen, but has been exposed like never before thru social media on the internet, the same fate of the fake news bastions of most of the larger msm outlets.

It’s taken the moguls of both ‘institutes’, media and politics, to now, after the 2016 US presidential result shocking the sheet out of the western hemisphere’s establishment parties and deep state players, and after the 2019 May 18 federal election in Australia, in which the major parties tanked, and seem likely to never recover from the voter’s dumping of them.

But similar stories seem to prevail across not just the western world, if we include the upsurges of protests and dissent in Hong Kong, against the centrist Chinese government (which is basically a major centre, for centuries of tension and potential conflict as “the biggie” for “East meets West”), and for the establishment, which includes all nations’ elites now, to conclude that the internet is the devil, and so they are working to limit it’s effectiveness, elite politics and media, together.

As usual, the majority of mainsteamers, in the east and west, while massively effected by all events, online, and the suppressions and exposures taking it, off line and onto the streets etc., remain sheet-scared and continue along on their terminal lifestyle ways, hoping and staying as distracted from REALPolitik and oppression-type events as they think they can.

Once more, it does seem that that is basically how life goes.

The majority are selfish cowards, afraid of facing it that their culture-slash-cultures have been corrupt-rotten for millennia, and that there’s nothing they-little-they, can do, but KEEP OVER-CONSUMING!”

The sickos back of such as the msm, political classes, big corporations and military complexities, love it!  MORE CHAOS MEANS MORE WAR MEANS MORE PROFITS FOR ME-ME-ME-ME!


And to add to our collective termination, none in any positions of actual, effective, influence, HAVE THE BALLS to take that step, bring out the BIGGEST guns, and finally, properly lawfully, STOP THIS SHIT.

BUt…? Maybe it IS all too big and all too out-of-the-bottle to resolve?

Nobody, msm, locals (hohoho) or Alt Media, tells me anything.

Is any of this real?

I long ago learned, by Wise Instruction, about what Plato (maybe Socrates?) told Students in the 3rd century BCE, that “This world is all illusion”.

OK? So, what next?

Is it, therefore Proper to REVOLT, to defy the popular fashions and trends?

Yes, no question to this somewhat learned mind.

But? To go out violently, or to take the road less traveled, and to seek the Path within, Grasshopper?

Yes, the latter, Oh Great Sage!

But, can we convince any others of that deduced, channeled, informed, learned truth, when they, the vastest majority of them, are in the pay of the NSA, CIA, Mossad, Israel and the British establishment spoiled-bratocracies, plural?

No! We cannot, Grasspipe! We must seek out the Holy Herb, as Locally as possible, but NOT FROM THE ANGELS, (for they cannot but hex it! Which rules out smokin’ oneself out of the illusion!).

Instead! One is Duty Bound to DEFY all calls and forces of control and just say


Since, only earlier this year, in my 64th year (but after at least 25 years researching to find the facts hidden from me), I put the pieces of my life’s puzzle together and figured out what the world’s most powerful cults, mafia and monarchies have spent over 150 years making of me.

I have been the last person to know.

A sinister operation indeed! Say what, or, “say who?”, Mel Gibson and your “Conspiracy Theory” Hollywood blockbuster producers wrote the movie of the same name about?

So, at around 64 y/o I did figure out which conspiracy was forcing me, to now, out to 25 years of complete social exile and homelessness in Australia.

The Rothschilds, Windsors, the Khazari mafia, the vatican and freemasons, all colluding to build their and the planet’s first global king.

How many others can figure that I am having major problems, major intellectual blockages processing that?

Google Plus, by my limited access and usage of social media, was until they shut it down in April this year a very ‘user-friendly’ social media medium.

In my efforts to stay online and have social media available and a source of some sort of but massively-limited ‘contact’ with the world beyond my isolated remote forest retreat in my homemade 4×4 camper, I tried shift from G+ to others, such as “minds.com”, and later, “MeWe”, both to no avail, for clearly having connections blocked, passwords hacked and changed, and I’m sure certain links on webpages removed from ‘behind the screen’ so I couldn’t even connect or comment.

I persisted, since going online in about 2000, maybe 2002, on the assumption that I was so heavily monitored by my international spy agency minders, that much if not all of what I did post, try to post or comment on online was getting on, was actually making into the global web sphere for others to freely access and read.

Since seeing that either my agency minders were blocking my access to social media they did not want me to go to, for the sites being outside their corruptibilities, etc, or, and this is totally fair enough and accepted, the sites themselves did not want me on their pages for my 1, being so fucking REALPolitik which for most everyone translates to my being deeply Radical, and that I’m followed everywhere online and offline by simple-minded filth who cannot but get the sick immature jollies from harassing and stalking me.

But that is because the chief cults and mafia behind every move I make, are doing the same, and are bribing anyone to join in.

So…, regretting having no option but to move over to Facebook, having been informed via other Alt-Media long beforehand of how much Facebook is little more that a tool for the ‘deep state’ and other sordid types to fuck with ever user’s day, and that Zuckerberg being a victim too or not, Facebook sucks, to put it honestly (to me expense once more no doubt).

Fearless of any players, Hell Derangels or other, mafia, catholic suckholes, freemasons’ pedophile ‘sewerage-cream’, gutter-sludge’ children or other, ‘my mission’ I have long deduced, well before finding who my genetic parents are (QE2 and Sir E Rothcshild), or finding what I am, has been to expose the fraudulence and clear to the wise insanity of all and any, but especially of the nutjobs wrecking the planet and sending down what may be an environmental mass-cull, of all species on the planet.

And hasn’t my reputation exploded for the successes I have had in that mission!

So, even while not regarding Mark Zuckeberg as an evil person, his cabals surrounding him over in Silicunt Valley and the wider tech worlds in the USA and around the globe are, evil, and are totally sold on playing the evil agents online, simply, and in their trances are fassscinated with their juvenile abuses of magic, because they have a handle on the programming, coding, technology and other aspects of how the world’s greatest development since teeth, was created – the internet, over other people who simply see the web as the tool-cum-weapon it is, against the most insane people, if they are people, ever.

Not to incite or cause fatal wars, but to expose the sick minds and games played by the encrazed forprofiteers of the high finance, big weapons, big corp of any genre, world.

The sick minds who ARE causing chaos, wars, sickness, famine and general discomfort for the bloated global human population.

But, no! This must not happen, according to the ‘blue pill’ sell-outs of such as Facebook, Silicunt Valley or Washington DC’s, UK’s, Europe’s, but maybe most of all, Israel’s ‘hasbara’ and establishment agents.

Hence, I leap to assume, the image.

Fuck ’em!

“Max Jusro Cook”, to Facebook users, if, as said, I even get on that NSA, CIA, Mossad, zionist mind-fuckery social media pages?

190811 13.51 Facebook website down or blocking me

The biggest call ever made, no question. If, you are Humans, you can do this.

RT; Clean energy dream fuels a dirty mineral rush

190809 RT Clean energy dream fuels dirty MEME

(Title and image ‘stolen’ from RT’s article. Thanks RT and Reuters, Et Al!)

The #BankOfEngland is Called to act to correct all nation’s economies which they have influence in and over.

We have (I believe) entered into a global condition of exponentially-increasing climate and environmental “distortions”, and are well into a phase where ecological, climatic and economic conditions will more rapidly than for many many thousand years decline, in the very short term future.

These, the FACTS, not “alternative-facts”, but EVIDENCE-BASED FACTS, driven entirely buy BAD MONEY PRACTICES. #CORRUPTION, in a word, must no more be ignored, nor even, by delusional sadists, be celebrated, by anyone or cabal in any upper echelon of finance, industry, corporations and government.

I am aware that some media news may be fabricated to sensationalize stories, purely for media corporate for-profiteering, etc, (chaos is the most profitable for those on top), so accept that ‘all is not yet lost’, to some degree.

And I’m aware too that many ‘mainstream’ folks of the most deranged classes and cultures will spend large amounts to maintain all manner of deceptions and thus of delusions within people’s minds, purely because they can, and because they are wealthy enough to afford, or so they believe, to ride over any catastrophe such as seems imminent and worldwide in the near future.

However, as happens in physics, most changes to conditions and situations, such as ecological balances and disruptions, begin with ‘incremental changes’. And over time, the process gently, unnoticably increases, until it is noticeable, and until it is beyond slowing or stopping.

Exponential acceleration, is what we are in the later stages of in the planet’s environment, etc.

Is it coincidence that global economics are also in a similar stage?

No matter. We all have from here on to face it, that we are being threatened, in both ecological and economic arenas, and that to ignore and delay humanity’s COLLECTIVE COOPERATIVE ORGANIZATION to doing everything known and possible to correct our paths, is well beneath everything the better of us know humans are capable of.

Contrary to as much the engineers of many of these pending dramas, we must not wait for any messiah to suddenly arise and ‘fix this shit’.

Instead, all of us must forget, for the moment, our personal needs and concerns, such as our weekly slave-wages, etc, and begin to act like Humans, instead of the popularized cowardly idiots ‘they’ are, who both lead and follow this errant economic, political and environmental over-consumption path to the “SIXTH GREAT MASS-EXTINCTION OF LIFE ON EARTH”.

Schools, kids, adults alike, have the Lawful Duty to Dissent from the ‘normal’ and totally unacceptable expectations their alleged masters enforce or recommend, of focusing on our own small, minute affairs in such as any school or college classes, etc.

Everyone still stuck in fear of not dissenting from their own employment, in factories, offices, and other workplaces, are also Duty-Bound to at least politely put this type of case to their managers, and to bring them along too.

Now, for anyone to keep ignoring these deadly facts about our situations and the fate or otherwise of the whole planet, is from now on indictable as being a crime against humanity and against Life-on-Earth herself.

And, everyone in every level of management in any and every business and other, such as the Public Services, Civil or Military, also knows true enough that we, humanity, are in a most serious REAL AND PRESENT DANGER situation, in regard to both the planet’s environmental degradations and global economics.

It is passed time they too, got off the dope of playing the arrogant spoiled brat, and stood down from their pedestals, in management and social arenas, etc, and with genuine, not media-friendly, humility, stood WITH the millions now on the streets PROTESTING AGAINST those very industries, beliefs-systems and force of mass-destruction, for that near-extinct, Common Good.

Of course, #police also, know perhaps more than most, for having to discuss who they are oppressing on their own cities’ streets, at least some of the facts regards why #ExtinctionRebellion Et Al are being so adamant in their antipathies to the masters paying police to be fools. And criminals.

As the slogan has it;


And, “your madness”, is as much “your fears”.

Fears, of not having too much, of not having way above what you, we, all need to be satisfied and secure, happy and sane.

And, need it be written, the primary ‘thing’ everyone on Earth needs, to satiate all desires and needs, is Good Government.

And Good Government exists on Good Laws, and on Good Laws alone.

Analyzing our common situation and plight, from the IMPERATIVES OF IMPARTIALITY, the ONLY perspective from where we think intelligently, it is clear that some vast percentage of ALL modern industries, and thus cultures and types of goods we consume, are completely unacceptable, if we are sane, responsible beings, on this finite ball of real estate, Planet Earth.

So? Can Humanity resolve what most of us do know, is a massive and highly difficult ‘situation’ to repair?

Maybe? Maaaybe NOT?

However, it is beneath our very being, to keep ignoring the big ‘it’, and keep on being what amount to genocidal idiots.

Every #Union on the Planet, must drop their personal and collective concerns, of wages, conditions, health and safety in workplaces which, at the end of the analysis, are totally untenable for life to be sustained on the planet.

All Workers, all Managers, Et Al, are called to first, get your heads around those sad, but true facts, as have simply evolved over the timeless past, and be the Humans you think you all are, and put down the tools, pens, keyboards, and such, and simply walk off the job, and meet, in unifying venues, to PROPERLY, maturely, COMPLETELY, sort this critical shit out.

The biggest call ever made, no question.

If, you are Humans, you can do this.

It’s whether you want to or not.



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Written in 2008; “Sue Councils for fish-kills”

Today (August 6th 2019) I happened to open an old folder named “OUTLAW” that’s been sitting on my desktop for years, and sniffed thru to find a few old items, videos and essays posted to the internet ten years ago.

In the last year or so (now, in 2019) the Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australian key river system, the Murray-Darling-River-Basin, has been in severe drought.

No-one in government, in politics or in media here has dared go to the root core of droughts in Australia, which is, I have no doubt, due to the totally insane practices of DEFORESTATION, as practiced since whitey first arrived in 1788.

But the drought is big news, because it effects so many Australians, rural and city, so the worst drought for thousands of years, hohoho, has had a lot of coverage.

Politics has been capitalizing on it too, with calls from the politicians and parties which recognize that the planet is being killed by our excesses of human industry, and of over-consumption of both resources and of consumer products.

One major event earlier this year occurred in the Darling River in the western half of NSW, where many many thousands of fish died due to lack of water in the river.

Media and anyone who could see publicity from checking out the scene, of masses of fish, some alleged to be several decades of age, lying dead in shallow pools, followed the events.

And it goes on. Both the drought, and the now less regular media blasts about the drought, the fish-kills, and the overall catastrophes our excessive human behaviors are bringing upon all life on earth.

All ‘the voices’ are agreeing that ‘an investigation’ needs happen into why we’re in drought, etc.

Except of course, ‘corruption-central’, for Australia at least, the ‘Rum Club’ of ol’ Sinny town (Sydney NSW).


One old essay I opened and re-read was this one below, about a similar event that happened in a much less drought-stricken region of NSW, the ‘New England’ region of north-eastern NSW.

Today, in 2019 I find it ‘funny’ that I wrote ten years ago in 2009 about how Australians should handle situations of ecological problems like drought, like the following issue of a massive fish kill in the Richmond River, and that my conclusions are exactly the same now. 

Being…, that we really need to direct lawsuits at the governments, that-is the sectors covering how humans relate with and treat, or mis-and-maltreat, the natural environment.

Because they, our lawmakers and law keepers, are the top, first and final authorities responsible for the health of the natural environment, be that the rivers, the forests, the deserts, mountain ranges and the oceans.

Whatever…. read on a note from the past!

Sue Councils for fish-kills.
Written and published 22nd December 2008!
by Max Earth. (one more old and abandoned pseudonym! Like “Omaxa bin Eartha“)

Earlier this year there was a weather event in northern New South Wales in which the Richmond River flooded, causing a fish-kill of dramatic proportions.

In the days following it became apparent that the fish kill was caused because of the build-up of introduced weeds in the river catchment area, which had taken decades to accumulate. When uprooted by the flood & washed downstream, the decomposed weeds depleted the waters of oxygen, thus a tragic amount of the river organisms, including the fish, died.

What follows is my analysis of these events, written on the same day I heard the news report about the fish-kill.

“Police have a Duty to lay charges against Richmond River Councils for fish-kill.”

(written, early March 2008.)

So says Political Outlaw, Max Earth.

“Failure to ensure the Health of the Environment”, is Max’s allegation.

While he admits “…such a crime may not be on-the-books, or coined in the same terms, the Impartial Science of a Proper Investigation would…,” he believes, “…establish a deadly-thus-criminal paucity of Environmental Responsibility displayed by (all) New South Wales’ Councils”.

“As a Nomad, one becomes aware of the enviro-carnage throughout the Land. Lantana, capeweed, blackberries, scotch thistle, radiata pine, just five introduced plants, & the shiploads of other pestilences, from cane toads to cattle, have been left to grow wild in National & State forests, Council & privately-owned Land, thus causing events like the recent fish-kill.”

“While governments ignore the FACT that ALL Policies & Laws of social, cultural, demographic & economic development or ‘improvement’, are deadly if not 100% cognizant of the Importance of underpinning all of them with the Prime Tenet of “Natural Ecology First”, mankind will be decimated.”

“Authorities, including the police, are all sitting in-potentia of being charged with committing the above crimes.”

Max thinks these charges extend to the class of “Crimes Against Humanity’.

This is simply “Asserting the Fullness of the Law”, says Earth.

If it is established that on such issues, such as fall within the Responsibility of Councils, (& up, to the National Parliament, & even Earth says, to the International Courts), the failure to maintain the Health of the Environment, short-or-longterm, threatens Human existence on Mutha Eartha, then the authorities are culpable.

Such an allegation places the spotlight on the law-enforcing, law-making & Judicial bodies & authorities, for allowing such erroneous mis-&-maltreatment of the Land to become Law.

Max says, “It’s an open-&-shut case, & may set a Precedent for the much needed Reappraisal of “What the Hell Humans are doing to our One, True Mutha?”

Yours for EVERYONE’S Mutha,
Omaxa bin Eartha.

[EDIT; 190806 Much more recently, I channeled what is a Self-Evident Law, as in the meme below that

“All laws are subservient to Environmental Law”.

Forever, and forever, from the first, to the last.

But convincing anyone in today’s Australian governments, federal to local councils, of that perennial truth, is quite another war zone!

MyMemes; All Laws are subservient to Environmental